Why Should God Be Good?

I listened to this podcast the other day and thought it was a great discussion. Listen to episode 96 on their player. It is a discussion between an atheist (Emory) and fundamentalist Christian (Tony) and a more moderate Christian (Scott). They are going through William Lane Craig’s book On Guard and are on the chapters dealing with the moral argument for the existence of god. I thought it was a very good discussion and there were good points brought up by all sides. I usually agree far more with Emery and I think he made some great points today when dealing with morality. What i really like about these three guys is that they are all intelligent people and they get a long really well and there is no cheap shots or talking over each other. Makes for a profitable discussion to listen to.

Here is the direct link to listen to the show or you can go to the link to the site above.


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  • Jodi:

    Hi Jeff, I have similar thoughts and would love to email you but I can’t seem to find an address. I’d like to ask a few q’s.
    Not sure if you still blog on here or not.

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